Retreat with Dhanaji and Filip Ruciński

This time it was delicious and ayruvedic, thanks to Dr. Dhananji. There were health consultations, nutritional, herbs stories, and cooking with Dr. Dhananji. Filip taught Nidra yoga and Himalayan yoga. Of course, the culmination of the workshop was Filip’s concert and his magic sitar. Teachers: Dr. Dhananji comes from a family of Ayurvedic doctors “Kaikawala Gurukunde Vaidya Parampara” with a multi-generation tradition. She graduated in medicine from the University of Colombo. He specializes in pulse diagnosis, conducts Panchakarma-related therapies, and helps with infertility, depression and nervous disorders. She is an expert in herbal medicine, she can cure arthritis, paralysis, obesity and also helps in spine and joints problems. Filip Ruciński is an Indologist and cultural scientist, he completed his Ph. D studies at the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw. He specializes in Indian philosophy, philosophy of language, Sanskrit and yoga, and obtained a prabhakar (bachelor’s) degree in Indian music, learning to play the sitar with Pandita Raj Bhan Singh in Varanasi for five years.